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When Australians need quick cash loans, they turn to CashPal.

We specialise in finding the help you need, when you need it. Why spend countless hours researching lenders, when your (cash) pal can do it for you?

Let us help you find a lender, with instant approval loans to same day funding.

How (& why) it works

We see you, sitting there typing “Quick Cash Loans” into Google, hoping for a sign that the lenders you’re clicking on will be the right ones.

We know because we’ve been there.

Quick Cash Loans
  1. 1

    Apply online right here

    We’ll do a quick assessement and let you know if we can help you in just a few minutes.

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    We’ll hook you up

    Once we’ve matched you with a lender that can offer you a loan, they’ll be in touch with you.

  3. 3

    You decide what’s right for you

    If you like what the lender offers, accept it. If you don’t, don’t. Simple as that!

  4. 4

    Get, set, go!

    Once you’ve accepted your loan contract and know what you’ll repay, and when, your lender will shoot your funds over to you. Easy peasy!

You know our name,
but do you know our story?

When we kicked off the CashPal journey, we did so with one simple goal in mind – to help regular Australians find the quick cash loans they need, when they need them.

Quite simply, we’re here to be your pal! We’re here to show you that applying for a personal loan doesn’t need to be as hard or complicated as it often is. We’ve simplified and automated the application process to help you look for lenders, super-fast. With access to a large panel of lenders CashPal can assist with your next quick cash loan.

We understand you

Your time is valuable, we know that. If you’ve ever found yourself asking who to apply with, what documentation you need, how long it will take you to get an outcome or how to qualify for quick cash loans, we’re the pal for you. And we take our friendships seriously!

More gains

When you need a personal loan, and fast, the last thing you want to be thinking about is who to turn to. Rather than getting stubborn and insisting on doing it yourself, give CashPal a go.

You’re smart

You’re still strong. You’re still independent. You’re just saving yourself 90% of the time and effort! That’s smart. Cut out the stress. Apply with CashPal now for your quick cash loan.